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Monday, January 25, 2010

The Danger of Google Maps

If you’ve ever used MapQuest you’ll understand just how good Google Maps is. I think the name ‘MapQuest’ is either (tragically) ironic or a secret joke – following their maps really is like a quest.

The last time I used their service it took me two hours to travel to somewhere an hour away. I saw some beautiful homes, picturesque towns and countless fields which was great but I was late for my appointment. As a result I switched to Google Maps and have never looked back (sorry, couldn’t resist that!)

But Google Maps has its own problems, specifically Street View. As you may or may not know Google has vehicles travelling every road photographing a world view from the street, hence the name. But things happen ‘down on the street’ and innocent passersby are sometimes caught at inopportune moments.

Beer Gut Man
Location: 56 Bond St W, Oshawa, ON, Canada

The Blowup Doll
Location: Square de Clignancourt Paris, France

Truck On Fire
Location: 44 Robinglade Dr, Toronto, ON, Canada

The Unfriendly Neighbor
Location: 115 Tuscany Springs Green NW, Calgary, AB, Canada

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