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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Labron James to The Cascade Team

In a surprise move that has stunning not only the sports world, but quite frankly even his own mother, Labron james announced today that he is leaving the NBA and hundreds of millions of dollars and adoring fans behind to join The Cascade Team Real Estate!

Introduced at a hasty press conference by The Cascade Team co-owner Cary Porter, Labron was quick to flash his million dollar smile and announce that he would soon be throwing down all over “Coldwell-Winder-Scott” and the like! “I’ll be the MVP or RE” James told stunned on-lookers.

At 6 foot 10” James is sure to tower over the competition. His passion for excellence and his unending drive will be well tested in the challenging real estate markets of the past few yesrs.

When asked for a comment, a family spokesman for the James family replied “What the f%&$”

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