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Monday, July 19, 2010

Agents from The Cascade Team rank #1 in many Eastside Cities!

The independent website has reciently ranked Agents from The Cascade Team Real Estate very highly in several eastside cities including #1 Rankings in Issaquah, Sammamish, and Snoqualmie.

We are very proud to have such wonderful and dedicated agents and people working here at The Cascade Team. This is a huge achievement for a market like this. If you happen to see someone who made the list, I'm sure they would appreciate hearing from you.

Congratulations to all!

Agent Rank: Snoqualmie
1. Bridget Franklin
2. Danielle Koval
3. Laura Flodin

4. Nancy Backman
5. Stacey Chellis
6. George Isaacs
7. Doug Young
8. David Sprague
9. Becky Lower
10. Cary Porter

Agent Rank: Issaquah
1. Matthew Jensen

2. Scott Gibbons
3. Christine Kipp
4. Dale Reardon
5. Bridget Franklin
6. Paul Grimm
7. Jan Lipetz
8. Monique Verger-Perrault
9. Scott Ridout
10. Ben Carr

Agent Rank: North Bend
1. Lois Schneider
2. Karin Ayling
3. David Cook
4. Karen Derwin
5. Kirk Running
6. Donald Bleha
7. Sarah Reed
8. Laura Townsend
9. Ryan Gehris
10. David Paremski

Agent Rank: Sammamish
1. Matthew Jensen
2. Robert Richards
3. Scott Bobson
4. Robert Papke
5. Catherine Santiago
6. Christine Kipp
7. David Sprague
8. Laura White
9. David Caraway
10. Emma Guenette

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