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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Green energy is blowing in the wind

Popularity of wind turbines for homes is increasing due to the turn toward green energy. While wind turbines for homes may not produce enough energy to completely free the consumer from a power company, it is enough in most cases to reduce your energy bill.

Price of Wind Turbines

The cost of wind turbines for homes depends on how much energy you will get from wind power. Wind turbines for homes can range from $3000 to $22,000. Most usually cost about $10,000.

Cost Effectiveness

The cost of wind turbines is affected by the amount of wind that you get in your area. Once you determine that you get enough wind you know what size wind turbine you will need. The energy efficiency of your home’s doors, windows, and appliances are key factors in the savings you will see when using a wind turbine.

Your Location is a Factor

The type of area you live in determines the use and cost of wind turbines. Wind turbines are not recommended in heavily populated areas since there is not enough space for wind. If, you decide to use a wind turbine it will be expensive and your output will be small. The energy generated will be enough to reduce your energy bill but it will not have the needed wind for complete energy production.

In rural flat areas, wind turbines can use a less expensive turbine. Again, the wind turbine will not produce the amount of energy need to free you from a power company.

Total energy self-sufficiency requires you to have more than one wind turbine thus you will have an increase in cost. Wind turbines that produce all of their own power are placed on towers to harness the most wind power. A battery backup system is necessary to store the excess wind energy.

Overall Savings

The costs of installing wind turbines for homes have savings that are attached to them. Tax credits are given for installing wind turbines for homes. You may be able to completely write-off the cost or receive a tax break, or you may be offered a renewable $3,000 tax credit. State rebates or incentives for wind power are also available. Also, installing a wind turbine is considered a home improvement adding to the value of your home.

Recouping your starting cost for the wind turbine is accomplished in about three years when you estimate the rebates, tax credits, and energy output. You certainly will see a savings in your yearly energy bills.

Residential Wind-Energy Benefits
Feel good about helping protect the environment by producing your own clean energy - The fossil fuels that are most commonly used to generate electricity produce toxic emissions that pollute our environment and cause global warming. These sources are rapidly being depleted and will become increasingly expensive. Wind-Solar power is a truly clean and renewable energy source.

Feel good about contributing to your own and national energy independence - Producing and owning your own power empowers you personally and reduces our country’s dependence on foreign fuel sources.

Reduce your electric bills - By going Wind you can greatly reduce or completely eliminate your electric bills. You own your home; with Wind-Solar power you can also own your power!

Protect against future utility rate increases - In the Puget Sound area, utility rates have increased an average of 13% annually for the last five years. With power generation resources diminishing and demand rising, utility rates in many areas could triple over the next ten years!

Increase the value of your home by purchasing a Wind-system - According to an Appraisal Journal Article, a home’s value increases $20,000 for every $1000 reduction in annual energy costs.

Watch your meter spin backwards - Any excess power that your Wind-system generates can be sold back to the utility company via net metering.

Let the government help pay for your system - Attractive financial incentives from the state and federal governments greatly reduce the cost of your wind system. You won’t have to pay state sales tax on your wind system.

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