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Monday, June 21, 2010

Creative Real Estate ads

Creativity is the key to most any advertising campaign, and real Estate is no exception. Sometimes when trying to describe a property agents simply have to be creative and come up with words that will catch the attention of the reader, sometimes it works better than others....

Here are just a few examples that caught my eye! : )

Motivated Seller: I think the best example of this can be found in an ad where the forested hills of California are blazing behind the photograph of a house, with that subtitle

At a loss for words: Not every advertising choice is a great one, sometimes the agent may be at a loss for words and just go with whatever pops into their head. Really, if you have any doubts please ask your broker before using words like PUKE!

You have heard of bank owned.... Here's a twist!

Well; that will certainly get your attention, I guess if it had been owned by an extra-terrestrial that would have really turned some heads!


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