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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Real Estate Sales up 602% For The Cascade Team in 2009

Build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door... It appears that old adage is also true in the real estate market even during the bleak periods of 2009. The Cascade Team Real Estate was founded by two local agents on the eastside back in 2006. Their motto says it all: "Simply Outrageous Service! Not Outrageous Commissions!"

The Cascade Team provides complete full service real estate just like the big name brick and mortar operations. Only instead of spending their money on costly buildings and overhead, they invest in marketing and advertising for all the listings taken by the brokerage. The results; Clients get full service real estate for only 1% listing fees compared to the traditional 3% (Saving $10,000 on a $500,000home) and the company is profitable and expanding!

In a decidedly down year for Real Estate:

1) The Cascade Team Sales are up 602%! They handled 119 Real Estate Transactions in 2008/ In 2009 that number was 724 Real Estate Transactions!
2) The Cascade Team Days on Market averaged 82 for Residential (3 days better than the 2008 number) The rest of the NWMLS averaged 95 Days on Market for Residential
3) The Cascade Team Days on Market for Condominium averaged 70 (1 day better than 2008) The rest of the NWMLS averaged 108 Days on Market for Condos
4) The Cascade Team doubled in Agent count in 2009 while the average brokerage dropped in agent count by 12%
5) The Cascade Team opened 2 NEW offices in 2009 while Windermere, John L Scott, Re/Max and CB Bain all closed offices
6) The Cascade Team has expanded into the San Diego market and is looking to add LA, San Francisco, and Portland in 2010

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  1. Who are these Lucky eastside agents: Cary and Doug or Cary and Diego ?