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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Choosing a Real Estate Agent/Brokerage

Choosing a Real Estate Agent is more than picking a business card with a fancy name on it. Make sure you take the time to step back and get the “Big Picture”.

What is the Agent really going to do for you?
What support does the Brokerage REALLY provide?

Did you know that at most big name brokerages; we’ll call them “Coldwell-Winder-Scott” that each individual agents pays for all of their own marketing?

That means Agent A may do a lot of internet, Agent B may rely on a personal network and Open Houses, and Agent C….. We’ll they may be working at the local coffee shop until noon just to make ends meet.

With The Cascade Team Real Estate every Agent and Every Listing gets complete Marketing and Transaction support!

MLS Exposure
The Seattle Times On-Line and Print
Virtual Tours
Trulia Pro
Zillow Featured
Yahoo Featured
Interactive CD Fliers
Mobile MLS
YouTube Channel
Social Media Marketing Expertise
Professional Staging Consultation
Certified Transaction Coordinator
On-Line Home Feedback Program
Weekly Advertising Reports
Open Houses
Broker’s Open
Complete Broker Access
& More!

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